How to use Dynamics 365 for building your Online Real Estate Empire?

Right from its inception, the real estate business has always been unstructured, chaotic and ad-hoc. Real estate brokers have been the backbone and “saviors” in disguise for the real estate agencies. Although brokers were highly dependable for operations, customer intimacy and fabrication of organized broker channels were not a priority.

Moreover, there has been an upsurge in spending expenditures of middle and upper-middle-class customers, lately. The huge competition has opened up a need for customer-centric approach and development of broker management tools.

Eventually, owing to it technology has made its way into the real estate business too.

The advent of CRM into the Real Estate Business

In today’s times, real estate developers and managers have their plates loaded with buyer’s inquiries, project information, and investor relationships. Hence, there are a plethora of unstructured and disconnected systems. These unfriendly databases hamper your business growth rather than empowering the business.

Moreover, as mentioned, leveraging the broker loyalty and sale opportunities with the existing customer base have become a necessity. This is where a CRM can help, to succeed in the real estate business with ease.

Hence, a good CRM system will lessen your burden by managing leads, rental, marketing, and other facilities, when you want to build a real estate empire.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – An Effective CRM Solution

Microsoft announced the release of Dynamics 365 in the fall of 2016. It is a cloud-based enterprise system, offering heightened flexibility and extensibility to a business. The software has a promising approach that transforms the business processes into advantageous ventures for organizations everywhere.

Further, the Dynamics 365 stands as an end-to-end solution that extends its core CRM functionality in building a customer-centric approach. It offers businesses several streamlined tools to transform their business processes such as sales, marketing, and customer service. Thereby it enhances the brand image and ensures expedient departmental collaboration.


Hence, with these features, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers small and medium-sized enterprises, an effective solution to manage business relationships.

Building your Online Real Estate Empire with Dynamics 365

Here are some go-to suggestions that will help you build an online real estate empire with Dynamics 365:

  1. Earn Customers for Life:

Dynamics 365 collects information pertaining to a customer and integrates it with sales, marketing, and customer service apps. This way, it creates a consistent and personalized customer experience. The pre-built KPIs with real-time updates, helps you understand and scale the health of the customer relationships.

This CRM also provides its agents, an easy access to timely and complete information. Tracking customer relationship helps mark potential customers and closes more deals with appropriate clients by offering them the desired and suitable real estate property. So, make sure you build a reliable long-term relationship, with the already existing clients that contribute to the increased ROI.

  1. Work Seamlessly with MS Office 365 & Outlook:

The Dynamics 365 offers seamless synchronizations with MS Office 365, Outlook and other sister tools, to offer unmatchable user experience. With this, business processes meet the increased demands for productivity with deeply and thoroughly integrated Microsoft products.

One can open the CRM document using many apps, even on different platforms. MS PowerPoint for iPad and MS Word for iPhone, for example, it is also well knitted with email system to notify you with necessary information when required on any digital device. Make use of it, and work comprehensively to increase your productivity.

  1. Enhance your Planning and Execution:

Dynamics 365 enhances project executions by mitigating the unrequited operational and financial risks. The customizable KPIs and supplier portals increase project visibility and profitability as well.

It increases efficiency in many tasks such as handling contacts, using smart filters, customer care support, and customer retention.

  1. Gain Control over your Financial Flow:

Dynamics 365 allows cash flow forecasting when connected with general ledger budgeting and inventory management. The project transaction information is fed to the system, to calculate the process forecasts. This renders the expected cash impact of every transaction.

The tool doesn’t exhibit any direct sync with accounting and project management systems. However, the project transactions can be a part of the cash flow forecast. Project transactions, like invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders are included as customer transactions or open orders in the system. It results in delivering a budget model, which includes cash flow forecast as part of budget register entries.

  1. Take Actions on the Valuable Insights:

For data-driven decision making, discover new insights by using pre-embedded tools like Power BI, Cortana intelligence, Azure machine learning. This gives access to real-time insight reports with predictive analytics along with relevant advice and future actionable steps.

  1. Exploit the Ease of Customization:

Dynamics 365 can meet the different needs of various organizations as it offers various customizations ranging from the creation of new functionalities to UI changes. It plays a crucial role in achieving certain organizational objectives through low investment, hassle-free and easy customizations.

Dynamics CRM enables developers to create business logic customizations and Microsoft integration with Sharepoint or MS Outlook etc. through a Software Development Kit (SDK).


To conclude, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ultimate option for organizations. It allows them to conduct the real estate business in “their” desired way with a user-friendly and flexible system. It also enables companies to add required capabilities on the go along with flexible deployment options. Therefore, when rightly used, Dynamics 365 can definitely help you build an online real estate empire quickly.