Why you really need Azure Functions?

Almost every enterprise is rapidly adopting the Cloud infrastructure. It has been a decade since cloud made some waves with the services it offers. Enterprises overcame their fear of data security and network availability with the potential cloud service providers and Microsoft Azure is a leading name in the industry.

Gone are the days when enterprises would put a huge chunk of capital investment into infrastructure buckets. Buying storage devices, setting up internal networks and dealing with the challenges – it takes all the time and money.

Understand what is Microsoft Azure and why do we need its functions?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform backed by a global network of massive data centers that can handle and store an immense amount of data. The company is offering Azure functions as per usage basis and eliminating the need for redundant and costly infrastructure set up on-premise.

As a cloud-based platform, Azure is serving enterprises with IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Product as a service) services in a secure manner. As a serverless computing service provider, Azure takes away the burden of maintaining the servers from the enterprises; you just get billed for what you use.

What can Azure do for us?

Cloud services are growing day by day. Offering an array of cloud services Azure is changing the way enterprises function today. As it seamlessly integrates with the existing infrastructure, the enterprises are rapidly adopting Microsoft Azure as a mainstream infrastructure and services provider.

• Virtual App or Service Hosting

Do you require cloud-based hosting for your Apps and services in a customized manner? Microsoft Azure is a perfect tool for you to set up hosting within minutes. Easy to use and quick set up ensures your hosting needs are always covered.

• Database as a service

Say goodbye to huge infrastructure costs on database set up both hardware and software. Serving on cloud SQL relation databases, Microsoft Azure is solving the infrastructure bottleneck significantly. Easy to use databases are set up within minutes without any additional expertise required.

• Authentication services

Each infrastructure faces authentication issues and Microsoft Azure Active Directory makes it easy to remotely handle authentication settings.

• Integration Support

Azure has been built up to integrate easily to an existing infrastructure to save any disruption to the work and productivity. Application testing and deployment all has become easy and quick with Azure. With the pre-built APIs, it seamlessly integrates with other development tools for quick delivery.

• Application Lifecycle Management

With Visual Studio, Azure tracks each step of application testing. Based on the cloud, it makes tracking the code changes or deployment version control easy and more streamlined. The tracking features save a lot of time and money as recreating scenarios and tracing them becomes easy and less time-consuming.

• Safe and unlimited storage

Without much ado, your database is secure as it is managed by Microsoft. You do not need to be worried about the hacker attacks or malware attacks as Azure will take care of it. With as IaaS, there is no limitation on the storage you need.

Going beyond the features of Azure

Microsoft Azure offers ample features to augment enterprise growth. But what do enterprises gain out of it in non-technical terms:

• Scale up the services flexibility

With Microsoft Azure as IaaS and PaaS, it becomes easy for enterprises to scale up their services without giving a second thought to how to manage the rising infrastructure needs. Azure is coming up with new sets of services very often to keep pace with the enterprise requirements.

• Saves you money and effort

Enough of brainstorming over the infrastructure needs, Azure comes with the set of most competitive and affordable services to help enterprises grow by offering best services at cost efficient rates. No need to spend on on-premises infrastructure that at times becomes redundant after few product and services launch. Azure services are molded to assist enterprises in cutting down the infrastructure cost.

• Offers a spectrum of services

Azure is not a platform that serves a single segment of Infrastructure and services need. With its services offering Application lifecycle management, deployment solutions, testing solutions and more, Azure is a comprehensive service provider platform in a secure, scalable and reliable manner.

• Recoverable infrastructure

Any infrastructure is prone to disaster. The on-premise infrastructure needs a lot of attention on this front too and it costs money to take backups of all the data and keep it secure. With Azure, you can track every single data element without even bothering about the additional costs and handling. It comes with the package.

The Final Thought

Azure has attained a powerful presence in the enterprise world as it offers unlimited infrastructure and services support that is growing continuously. It is a smart investment to get access to a world of latest and massive infrastructure and services support that is progressive.