Working with Mobile using Dynamics 365

 Dynamics CRM for Mobile Client
mobile development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing sector. Nowadays mobile developers have made applications for everything, we can also access business applications. It is becoming a key requirement for a wide category of business users, to view information related to CRM systems. Microsoft has provided support for mobile and tablet devices to access the CRM application.

 Dynamics CRM for Phone Access
We have basically two ways to access the CRM application using mobile devices:
• Mobile apps
• Mobile browsers
We can directly browse CRM URLs from mobile browsers or can download native apps
Through extranet CRM can be accessible from mobile devices; so for example if we are working with CRM Dynamics 365, we have different options; for example, using Dynamics 365 URL we can browse mobile devices or can download native apps but, if we want to access on-premise environment then first we need to setup IFD then we can access CRM in mobile in the same way as in CRM first.
There are multiple mobile apps available depending on the mobile device that can be used to access CRM; the following table lists download links:
Device Type Download Link



 Dynamics CRM for Tablets Access
We can also access Dynamics 365 using Tablets, it can also connect to both Dynamics 365 organizations and CRM on-premises. It displays the same as like phone, so we don’t need to set up or customize another form for tablet clients.

 Enable entities for mobile CRM
To check the entities that is it enabled for mobile phones so we can navigate to Settings | Customization | Customize the system | Components | Entities and can select an entity name to verify if the entity is enabled for mobile phones or not, as shown:

But we can enable this feature for all of our custom entities. Not all the system entities are enabled for mobile and tablet phones. We can enable or disable some entities like: Account, Activity, etc.

 Customizing mobile clients
We can add the required fields through the Mobile-express form. We can open the Mobile-express form and can add fields under Selected Attributes using the Add button.

Publish the form once we added fields. We can create more than one Mobile-express form just like other entity form types.

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