Visualization and Dashboard

We are living in the fast-moving digital world, communication is a crucial skill. It is incredibly important that information can be conveyed efficiently and be guaranteed to stick with the recipient. The real question is, how do we convey our information and data in exciting and intuitive ways?

Visualize your data and it’s benefit you with few different ways:

Visualizations enable you to present your data in the form of charts. Charts enable you to view the aggregate or non-aggregate summary of grid data in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The charts are integrated with the grid, and display data in context with the grids. The charts update automatically to reflect the filtering done on the data in the grids. Similarly, when you perform a drill-down operation on the chart, the data in the corresponding grid updates accordingly. You can also use a web resource instead of charts in visualization.

Dashboards act as a business intelligence tool in Microsoft Dynamics 365 by providing a snapshot of your data in various forms. You can use a dashboard to simultaneously present data from up to six charts, grids, IFrames, or web resources.

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