Mail Merge Template

Mail Merge Template

Mail merge templates can be used with Office Word to create customer-ready letters, faxes, e-mail messages, and quotes. Word templates are created and edited in Word, but can be uploaded to Dynamics 365 to use with mail merge and share with other users. Only Word .xml documents can be used as templates. Mail Merge Templates allows pulling the data from Dynamics 365 environment and embedding it in the content as required.

Creating a Mail Merge Template:

Step 1: Go to Settings >> Templates >> Mail Merge Templates and click New.

Step 2: Under Categorization, specify which Associated Entity to pull the data from. In this case, we chose Opportunity.

Step 3: Save the template. After saving the template, user will be prompted to select Data Fields.

Step 4: Select all of the fields you need in the email from the associated entity. Also it is possible to select fields from entities that have a relationship with chosen associated entity.

Step 5: Hit Save and click on Create Template in Word at the top of the page. Open the file in Word, and click on CRM under the Add-ins tab.

Step 6: Select the type of document you want to work with and choose the data source from Dynamics 365. You can now find data from the Insert Merge Field.

Step 7: Insert the data in the draft file.

Step 8: Save the template in Word, go back to the Mail Merge Template screen in Dynamics 365, and attach the Word file to the newly-created mail merge item.

Step 9: Click Save and Close.

Using the Mail Merge Template:

Step 1: Go to Advanced Find, select the customers to whom you want to send email, and click on the Mail Merge button.

Step 2: Choose your personal mail merge template, click Download, and open the downloaded file in Word.

Step 3: Follow the step-by-step process in Word.

Step 4: Edit as required.




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