Introduction about interactive hub in Microsoft Dynamics CRM –

Interactive hub is an interface for service support team which mainly constructed in two parts –

Tier 1 – Tier 1 users can see real time Multi stream dashboard. Multi stream shows data based on some selected entities. It helps support team to support multiple cases on same time.

Tier 2: Tier 2 users can see real time single stream data dashboard. This is useful for users who need to monitor less data.

As per name interactive both stream data are real time and interactive by nature. It’s also caches in local storage and it asks to download every time when customization made to targeted entities.

CRM prompts to use interactive hub service when first time users using CRM web interface.

Or you can go using setting >> Interactive Hub Service, this option only available for limited users with roles Customer Service Manager, System Administrator, System Customizer.

You can also direct open it using given URL, below as your environment:

  • Dynamics 365 (on-premises): In your browser, type <your Dynamics 365 Server>/<orgname>/engagementhub.aspx, and then press Enter. For an Internet-facing
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) users: Type https://<Dynamics 365 Server>., and press Enter.

Interactive Hub screen appears alike this –

Interactive service hub contains 4 predefined dashboards-

  • Tier 1 Dashboard
  • Tier 2 Dashboard
  • Knowledge Manage
  • My Knowledge Dashboard

Click on chart icon to see Visualization of data, along with chart icon. You can also apply filter criteria to refine stream data.

Navigation bar in interactive Service hub is more like normal Dynamics CRM navigation bar you can access some entities using Service menu item. And see some of Views and Quick Search along with those views.


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