Business Units

A business unit is a logical grouping of related business activities. It is the foundation of the security structure in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Each user has to be part of a business unit. There is a default business unit that is created when Dynamics 365 is installed. This is called the root business unit, and it cannot be deleted or disabled–only renamed.

Create a new business unit:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Security.

Step 2: Choose Business Units.

Step 3: On the Actions bar, select New.

Step 4: In the Business Unit dialog box, type a name for the new business unit. Dynamics 365 automatically fills in the Parent Business field with the name of the root business unit.


Step 5: To change the parent business unit, select the Lookup button, Look up more records, and then either select an existing business unit from the list or create a new parent business unit.

Step 6: In the Business Unit dialog box, fill in any of the other optional fields.

Step 7: Select Save and Close.


Change the settings for a business unit:

Step 1:  Go to Settings > Security.

Step 2:  Choose Business Units and then select a business unit name.

Step 3:  In the Business Unit dialog box, do one or more of the following:

      a.  Modify the data in one or more fields.
b.  Make a selection on the Actions menu.
c.  Select a record type under Organization to see a list of related records.

Step 4:  Select Save and Close.



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