Business Rules

 Business Rules

Business rules which reduce the need of complex codes, are internally converted into JavaScript by CRM and are applied to the forms. Business rules can be used for simply setting default value or doing complex calculations using formulas. We can apply business rule to a specific entity forms and can define it’s scope.

By combining conditions and actions, you can do any of the following with business rules:
• Set field values
• field values
• Set field requirement levels
• Show or hide fields
• Enable or disable fields
• Validate data and show error messages
• Create business recommendations based on business intelligence.

Create business rule

• Open Solution explorer
• Open the entity you want to create the business and then double-click Business Rules.

• Click New.

• Add a description
• Add conditions

• To add an additional clause (an AND or OR) to the condition, click New in the Properties tab to create a new rule, and then set the properties for that rule. In the Rule Logic field, you can specify whether to add the new rule as an AND or an OR.

• Click Apply
• Add actions

• Add a business recommendation
• When you’re done setting properties, click Apply.

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