Activity Feed

Activity Feeds observing real-time updates to help you stay up-to-date with the fast-moving sales, customer projects, and marketing campaigns of your organization, which also includes automatic updates on the activities of your colleagues. You can also choose to “follow” updates of the contacts, colleagues, and customer records you care the most about. In fact, you could achieve a lot of things with this to help you keep track of things within the application you care most about. We can also follow records and like/unlike posts as we do in social media. In our project tracking application we are going to use this feature so that the entire internal project team members can be up-to-date about the project status.

The following table contains activity feeds:
• Wall
• Record Wall
• Personal Wall
• Auto Post
• User Post
• Mention
• Comment
• Follow
• Unfollow
• Like
• Unlike
• Thread
• Conversation
• View

The following table contains information about the activity feeds entities:
• Post
• PostComment
• PostFollow
• PostLike
• msdyn_PostConfig
• msdyn_PostRuleConfig
• msdyn_PostAlbum

To add a mention to a post, use an expression in the following format in the Post.Text attribute:
@[Entity,ID,”Display String”].
There are no spaces following commas in this expression.The following table describes the parameters in the expression:

Entity: An entity logical name or an entity type code for the record that is mentioned in the post.
ID: The ID of the record that is mentioned in the post.
Display String: The text that you want to be displayed in the mention, such as a record’s name.

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