Microsoft Dynamics 365 Activities are used to record a specific type of communication, as well as the subject, time and details of that communication. Activities are actions such as emails, phone calls, meetings, etc.


Types of activities:

1. Phone Calls: Used to record information and the details of an inbound or outbound call.

2. Emails: Used to track email messages that are sent or received.

3. Tasks: Used to keep track of action items or other “To Do” items.

4. Appointments: Used to track in-person meetings or conference calls.

5. Recurring Appointments: Meetings or conference calls that are repeated on a regular, pre-determined basis.

6. Letters: Used to track direct mail.

7. Faxes: Used to track any faxes that are sent or received.

8. Campaign Responses: Used to track interest from marketing campaigns.

9. Campaign Activities: Specific to campaigns and are created when activities are deployed via a campaign.

10. Service Activity: Used to schedule an appointment that provides a service.

11. Custom Activities: User can also create additional custom activity types.

Creating activities:

A. Not from within an individual record:

From the top Navigation Bar on the right side select the Quick Create button. Selecting this will drop down a list of forms to choose and create a new record. From left side of this list select activity which will open the default new Activity form for the selected Activity Type.

B. From within a specific record:

1. Open an opportunity.

2. To add an activity: Social Pane > Activities.

3. Add activity.

4. Add extra details about the activity.

5. Click Ok.



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