How to build an e-commerce store on Dynamics 365 and Benefits of doing so

In today’s digitally driven world, most of the mobile users spent their time visiting online shopping sites. E-Commerce is now a rapidly growing and invasive market that is replacing onsite retail shops.

The whole virtual shopping process might seem like a preferred choice from the customer point of view, given its convenience and “instantaneous” all under the comfort of our home. But, when it comes to managing sales in a web store, it’s not a smooth ride for eCommerce businesses at all.

Although most of the business owners have integrated their websites with a shopping cart, this alone won’t cut the edge. There is so much more one can do with ecommerce website!

Ecommerce Meets Microsoft Dynamics 365

For an online retail business to run efficiently and smoothly, business owners must keep up with an online image with the help of an appropriate foundational platform. This will steer clear from wounded customer relationships by preventing several operational issues surrounding delivery times and stock availability.

This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes the spotlight. It is a Cloud-based ERP and CRM solution for business operations offering security, reliability, and a great feature set delivering excellent performance.

Dynamics 365 allows your business to have an adaptable and flexible E-commerce platform that offers users a convenient and desired online shopping experience. It exploits the relationship management modules provided in the software to thoroughly understand customers shopping habits. Thereby creating promotional content and contributing to a greater consumer experience.

Key Ingredients for a Setting up a Successful Online Webstore on Dynamics 365

In order to have a successful ecommerce webstore, your ERP/CRM platform must possess the following key traits.

  • Safety is a Priority

While building a webstore on Dynamics 365, make sure safety comes first by hosting a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant Interface that complies with Data Security Standards (DSS). Additionally, business owners must PCI DSS complaint if they store or disseminate card information since cyberattacks are a norm these days.


  • E-carts for Shopping

This is a no-brainer as it is a prerequisite for any ecommerce portal. Equip your already existing shopping carts with the latest features. Dynamics 365 offers a collection of templates and themes to offer users an almost real life like the shopping experience.

  • Shopping on the Go

Businesses must use Dynamics 365 to integrate mobile responsive web app into their Commerce portal. This is to optimize shopping apps on all devices for optimal buying experience.

  • SEO & Integration with Social Networks

Convert your websites into search friendly through SEO and integrate with Social networks to enhance brand visibility and conversion rates. This helps because users often rely on search engines and social media looking for authentic customer reviews. For social matters, use Dynamics 365’s Microsoft social engagement product to achieve the above mentioned.

  • Powerful Search Button

The search button is a mandate in an ecommerce webstore. Make sure it is type sensitive and well programmed to generate auto results and doesn’t give a blank result when customers are looking for a specific product.

  • Flawless Logistics and Stock Management

Dynamics 365 easily integrates several logistics options with the shopping carts and keep the customers up to date with real-time shipment tracking information. It connects the physical and online facets of the store and updates item availability and dispatch process and shipment delivery progress for maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Marketing Strategy

With Dynamics 365, one can have access to users’ online data that can be leveraged to treat loyal customers with gifts and redeem coupons. The timely promotional offers and loyalty programs, shared through the mail, helps in enhancing user engagement.

  • Best User Experience

There are plenty of streamlined and customizable features that Dynamics 365 offers to improve the user interface.

Indispensable Benefits of Dynamics 365

Customer interactions happen over multiple channels and it’s difficult for businesses to manage independent systems. The only solution would be to integrate these different systems and synchronizing the required information.

Not only this strategy holds true for all the systems, it is stronger in a business scenario with Ecommerce and CRM systems.

Few perks of integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 to e-commerce are as follows:

  1. Enhances customer experience by enabling users to have access to self-service portals to track the shipment, check order status, inventory etc. It provides an omnichannel experience by leveraging the information.

  1. Targeted and personalized marketing campaigns can be run with centralized information and are found to be more effective in driving sales to your business.

  1. Empowered sales teams and representatives can access customer information to upsell or cross-sell the products to the customers after negotiating certain terms.

  1. Enhanced customer centric demand planning and scheduling forecast products demand and manage inventory in a better way.

  1. Integrated RGA management equips the customer support representatives with the information required to resolve customer issues.

  1. Enhanced after sales service improves sales by product recommendations and address customer queries regarding orders and product inventories.

  1. The automated synced information decreases costs and losses normally caused due to manual errors.

The above-mentioned effective strategies benefit the business and set them apart from ventures.

Ecommerce industry has revolutionized the shopping experience. Additionally, ERP/CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics helps delivers an ecommerce webstore that is competent and efficient in the marketplace. Dynamics 365 offers a fast-paced business with scalability at a global level and digital intelligence. So why not add this ERP/CRM system into the mix to grow your business at a pace that suits you.