Subscription License

Subscription License

For the Business Edition, for each internal user, the business owners need to buy a Subscription License. For example, a vendor who manages the business services at some remote location needs to have access to the service. 

User Subscription License

Each Subscription license is named as the user. While the Subscription Level internal user can access his Microsoft Dynamics 365 account on a web App, mobile or tablet, he cannot share his license with anyone else. He is not even authorized to sell the rights to any other interested party. The user must make timely subscription payments and stay compliant with the Terms and policies of both business and Microsoft Dynamics 365 services to keep his subscription rights activated and up to date.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 segregates the User’s as per their usage requirement

The access rights of these User level licenses vary on the basis of subscription levels they buy.

Full User

The internal users will be classified as full users when they need to possess work that requires them to hold the complete functionality of the business Apps. These are primarily the sales representatives (ERP), customer service representatives (CRM), finance team, administrators, supply chain managers and more. These full users have read and write access to most of the parts of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business edition. The full users can opt for a Plan or App subscription to stay on top the process flow and control the operations. These users are also called as Power users. 

Light User

Any business has different teams and the team members are a part of the entire workflow and need access to limited data or reports only. Their tasks needs them to stay limited to the consumption of data from a particular department like only finance or only HR to do their day to day activities. The Light user licenses are purchased to offer the read and limited write access to the team members. They are always large in count as compared to the full users. The processes they handle are mostly basic business operations.

The business edition subscription license includes the rights of all the light users. A business user owns a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition license and supposes he adds a newly launched marketing feature to it, the Light user level Subscription License is automatically updated with this feature.

What does the Dynamics 365 Business edition license hold for Team Member?

The Team Members are categorized as light users. They have automatic rights to PowerApps and can access Microsoft Dynamics 365 with limited read and write rights. The Subscription license users can have access only to the services the business owner license holder has. You will have:

  • Read access to all the services like sale, financials, and marketing

  • Update access to the already created data and records. The records may range from customer details, vendor details or inventory records that are already present in the database.

  • Accept and reject rights to any workflow task.

  • The Light users can create, edit or delete the personal information, quote or the time sheets that are assigned in their name.