Read more Full User

Read more Full User


A Full user of the Dynamics 365 Enterprise is someone who has more rights than the lightweight tasks and needs more access and right that are offered by below licenses:

  • App License

Categorized as the full user license, the App License is the right way to give full rights to the user. As per the job roles, the users can have create, access, read, write and edit rights to any part of the workflow.

With App license one can have access to multiple Apps as compared to a Team member license. If you need to give full write access to an app to a particular user, you need to give him the App license and not the Team Member license that limits the functionality.

The App license is right for the role of someone who manages a team, opportunity, accounts or contacts. If someone has to perform a task like invoicing, market listing, order lists, price lists, campaign management, contract maintenance and more, App License is the right choice.

  • Plan License

If a user must have the full read and write access but already has an App license, then a plan license is the right way to save some bucks. With a Plan License, a user gets access to multiple Apps that are on the Enterprise license. The plan licenses are segregated on the basis of functionality to make it a package that is cost-effective:

Plan 1

If you are looking only for CRM functionality that would include managing details of sales, Customer relationship, field Service or project workflow service, you must go for Plan 1 type licenses.

Plan 2

It is a packaged license that gives you the Read and Write access to both CRM and Operations functionality that includes sales, Customer relationship, field Service or project workflow service.

  • Device Licensing

This is very important from the Enterprise owner’s perspective. The Device Licensing ensures the Dynamics 365 is accessed by a license holder on a licensed device only. With the availability of the license support to multiple devices, this way the organizations can ensure no one except that the licensed user gets access to the private data. The device licensing makes sure the users log on to authorized devices that have been checked against malware and virus attacks to access the internal data.