What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 And What Is Not Included?

What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 And What Is Not Included?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great collection of intelligent business applications. It results in some misunderstanding for many, who end up considering this AI-powered tool something else. So, in this post, we have tried drawing a line between what is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and what is not included in it.

What Is Not Included in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Generally, it looks like everything is included in this package and customers get confused about which license is best for them. So first, let’s see which tools are NOT the parts of Dynamics 365:

  1. Office 365

  2. Microsoft 365 for business

  3. Dynamics GP,AX,SL, Navision

  4. Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operation business edition – after April 2018

  5. Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operation Enterprise edition – after April 2018

What Comes in Dynamics 365 Package?

As you knew the exclusions, here are the two main packages of Dynamics 365:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP

    1. Dynamics 365 business central – (Navision based but not Navision)

    2. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation – (Based on AX)

  1. Customer Relationship management – CRM

    1. Dynamics 365 Sales enterprise and Sale professional

    2. Dynamics 365 Customer Service

    3. Dynamics 365 Field Service

    4. Dynamics 365 Product Service Automation

    5. Dynamics 365 Marketing

These two are the separate packages and you can choose any of these, or both, as per your requirement. Now, I am going to describe what is included in which section of these both packages –

Dynamics 365 Business Central –

  1. D365 Business Central has core features related to project management, finance, operations, Supply chain management and Customer Relationship Management.

  2. It’s mainly targets small organizations, so it allows single user.

  3. Price ranges from $70-$120.

  4. It has inbuilt CRM capabilities.

  5. You can integrate it with Outlook, Dynamics 365 sales and more CRM features.

  6. It is efficient at opportunity management and operating related to customer servicing.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations –

  1. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation has advanced features of finance and operations.

  2. It’s mainly targeted big organizations and their needs. So, minimum user limit is 20.

  3. Price range between $120 and $180.

  4. It does not have CRM capabilities. You will have to take Dynamics 365 app for CRM and marketing features.

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional –

  1. It includes core sale functionality for simpler sales needs.

  2. It has following limitations –

    1. 2 form per entity

    2. 15 custom entities.

    3. Guide business process flow – 5 Business process flows.

    4. Custom workflow – limited to 15 custom workflows.

    5. Report customization – 5 reports.

  1. It’s very less usable in terms of usability.

  2. It has a minimum user limit.

  3. It does not include Customer portal deployment.

Dynamics 365 Sales enterprise –

  1. It includes fully sales capability to meet complex sales requirement.

  2. NO limitations on customization and form or workflow.

  3. It is for big organizations, especially enterprises.

  4. It includes extras from Sales Professional are Hierarchies, Sales Goals, Territory Management, Relationships, Voice of the Customer surveys, Microsoft Social Engagement, Mobile Offline Sync, Gamification, Sales embedded insights (formerly Relationship Insights).

  5. Customer portal deployment is included in it.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service –

  1. It includes advanced level customer services like case management.

  2. Case creation, status taking, auto assign to support persons.

  3. Customer portal.

Dynamics 365 Fields service –

  1. Schedule board, work orders, mobile app, and resource management.

  2. Real-time field tracking.

  3. Resource management.

Dynamics Marketing –

This facility lets you do e-mail marketing, landing page marketing, customer journey & event management alongside lead scoring. (subject to 10 user licenses)

The above parts were more focused on the features of each tool, package, separate pricing, and apps. When it comes to licensing, the packages are designed in some different ways and can be customized as per one’s business needs.

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