Microsoft Dynamics – 365 Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics – 365 Licensing

As a comprehensive tool Microsoft Dynamics -365 offers you a packaged advantage of CRM and ERP in a business intelligent manner.

Dynamics 365’s wide adaption has led to the repackaging and repricing of the most powerful enterprise management tool that brings flexibility and equips the sales team, customer service, field service, project service, marketing, and operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing brings you the advantage of personalization and a cost-effective way to get a powerful bundle of a highly scalable platform to automate your process flows.

Current Microsoft Dynamics – 365 Licensing Editions

Empower your team with the right tools with Microsoft Dynamics -365 Licensing Editions.

Business Edition

Microsoft Dynamics-365 Business Edition focuses on the minimum of 10 employees and maximum of 250 employees. It comes with only cloud support and currently is capable of handling financials only while the sales and marketing support is being added soon.

  • Subscription License

As a business owner, you can license access for your internal users to Microsoft Dynamics 365 by buying a Subscription License (SL). The internal users include vendors, employees, onsite agents, onsite contractors and more.


Enterprise Edition

If you are an organization of 250+ heads, Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise edition is right for you. With no cap on the seat count, you get access to the cloud as well as on-premise infrastructure support for sales, customer service, project service Apps and field service.  Marketing addition to the license is awaited to make it a full proof tool that any enterprise requires.

Microsoft Dynamics-365 brings you a flexible plan of licensing that is also segregated on the usage basis. Dynamics 365 Enterprise can include the following applications:

For the Enterprise Edition, Dynamics 365 has Light and Full users. Let us find out the rights they possess.

  • Light users

Usually, a team member is categorized as a light user is allowed full read access across the entire system of Dynamics 365. He may have few write access but they are very limited. He can access Dynamics 365 from multiple devices that include a computer, laptop, tablet and mobile App. As a very cost-effective level license, enterprises benefit from this. 


  • Full users

The App license, the Plan License and Device License falls under this category and the user has access to the number of Apps with this type of license as compared to light users who have access to only one license. Quite similar to use like light users, it can be accessed on any digital device like a laptop using a web app or mobile with the App.