Using the CRM Outlook Client

Once MS CRM Outlook Client is installed successfully, you can see CRM menu item appears in top Menu. If Dynamics CRM connection is not configured, first you need to configure using select CRM and Microsoft Dynamics for Outlook, as per image –

These items you can find in CRM area–

  1. Track/Untrack
  2. Set Regarding
  3. Convert To
  4. Add Connection
  5. View in CRM

CRM Client Outlook ribbon looks like-

Tracking Emails:

Track email in CRM is common feature which you most like to do when you receive email related to CRM. To track email it either by click Track, or Set Regarding button on the Outlook ribbon.

Once you click on track email, you need to set “Set Regarding”. Once email is tracked you can set Regarding to associated email to a CRM record.

Once email is tracked you can see “Convert To”, “Add Connection”, and “View In CRM” buttons will be visible in ribbon.

Set Regarding:

Set regarding is used to associate email to a record in CRM with contact or account. In case when contact or account is not available you can create new using click on “Convert To” button.

Convert To:

Convert to button use to convert email as a CRM record. It’s only visible in case when emails are tracked. Tracked email can be converted in opportunity, lead, and case.

Add connection:

An email can be associated with a record in CRM using regarding field, but if requirement is to relate with more than one record in CRM can be done using “Add Connection” button. It has two features-

  1. Add to another
  2. Add to me

If you select add to me it will associate record with current user. If you select add to another it will open dialog box to relate other records from CRM.

View in CRM:

View in CRM button use to display email to associated record in CRM. So you can open record directly and check other details than manually login in CRM and find record.

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