The Users area is where you can manage system users. We have a large variety of views in the users listing, with various filter options already created. You can see users by their status, ownership, roles, relationship, team, or social relationship. This User area is also the entry point to add new users to the system, disable users, or update their information. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, each user is uniquely identified by their Windows Live ID. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, there is only one license. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises installations, there are both client and server licenses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the following functionality for user maintenance:

  • Creating Users
  • Creating Teams
  • Enabling and disabling Users
  • Assigning Security Roles to Users
  • Identifying managers for Users
  • Assigning Users to Teams

Creating Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Users

You can access users from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Administration page. Below image a list of existing users.


When you click the New button in the ribbon to create a new user, you are taken through a wizard to define the new users

  • Choosing security roles.
  • Adding users.
  • Sending e-mail invitations.

On the wizard page, you can enter the details of one or many users you want to add to the system. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the available number of licenses decrease as you add more users.

You can choose not to send invitations, but it is recommended that you do so in order that the user receives an e-mail with the correct URL to access your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. If you choose not to send invitations now, you can send them later. This is done from the users list view. You just select the users you want to send the invitation to, click the More Actions button in the ribbon, and then choose the Send Invitation option.

After you decide on your preferred option for sending e-mail invitations, you click the Create New Users button to have them all created as Microsoft Dynamics CRM users.


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