Microsoft Dynamics 365 teams are a collection of users who can belong to the same or different business units. There are two types of teams: Owner team and Access team. Two fundamental differences between an Owner Team and an Access Team involve ownership and sharing. As the name implies, a member of an Owner Team inherits permissions to the records because the team owns the record. Access Teams are different in that permissions are granted to the records via sharing.

Owner Teams:
1. The company wants to let a group of users or teams own entity records.
2. Team members are equally given access rights, there is no variation between any two users.

Access Teams:
1. The manager wants to give a team access rights to records without owning them.
2. If you want to add team members to a team from different business units.

Here are the steps to enable Access team:

  • Enable Access Teams for ‘Account Entity’. Go to Settings -> Customization-> Customize the System -> Entity -> Account and enable check box for ‘Access Teams’.

  • Add an Access Team Template for Account Entity under Settings-> Security-> Access Team Templates section. Give rights accordingly to the entity as shown below and Save.

  • Now add a new subgrid to Account Form with following parameters. In my example I have created an Access Team Template called ‘Account Team’ . As you can see, I have selected that specific template in the subgrid. To insert a new subgrid you will have to click on ‘FORM’ button from Account Summary Page. Then click on INSERT tab-> SubGrid. Please do not forget to Save and Publish this modification and then you are done.

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