Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Flow

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Flow is tool to help users to divide business needs in steps complete them in stages. User can make process using visual effect which makes it more handy for non technical or sales persons user types.

Advantage of Using Business Flow:

  1. Branching rule using  user interface
  2. Enabled for multi entities without any relation
  3. Stage can be updated using client api


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Flow ensures that people enter data consistently and follow the same steps every time they work with a customer.

Create a business process flow:

 1: Check your security role.

 2: Go to Settings > Processes.

 3: On the Actions toolbar, click New.

 4: In the Create Process dialog box, complete the required fields.

 5: Choose OK.

 6: Add stages.

 7: Add steps to a stage. To see the steps in a stage, click Details in the lower-right corner of the stage.

 8: Add a branch (condition) to the process.

 9: Add a workflow.

 10: To validate the business process flow, click Validate on the action bar.

 11: To save the process as a draft while continue working on it, click Save in the action bar.

 12: To activate the process and make it available to team, click Activate on the action bar.




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