Aggregation using roll-up fields

Roll-up fields are a great new feature of Dynamics 365, allowing for aggregation of data from many child records to an eventual Parent record, which can be incredibly useful in many business scenarios. All these aggregations are done by recurring asynchronous system jobs. If you are a System Administrator, you can modify roll-up system job behavior.

Let’s add aggregation details about the user stories in the project entity. In our application the project entity will act like a parent. Perform the following steps to add roll-up fields in the project entity to show the total count of the project user stories:

1. Navigate to Entities | Project | Fields in our solution and click on New under the field’s command bar.
Enter the following information under the field definition window:

2. Display Name: Total User Stories

Name: new_totaluserstories

Data Type: Whole Number

Field Type: Roll-up

3. Click on the Edit button next to Field Type.
4. Select User Stories (Project) under the Related drop-down.

5. Select COUNT under Aggregate Function and Project Task under the Aggregated Related Entity Field. Click on the tick mark sign.

6. After we have completed all the steps, our rollup field definition should look as follows:

7. Click on Save and Close in both the windows.

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