Stop Quick Create form from saving using javascript.

Stop Quick Create form from saving using javascript.

I have used context.getEventArgs().preventDefault(); to stop a quick create from saving due to some validation. But once this is done, the user is not able to change the value and save the form again. Looks like that the save button is disabled and on the top of the form it shows the loader image which we see when CRM is processing a save request. Did anyone face this issue before? I am working on CRM online.


February 5, 2018 at 3:52 pm dynamics

This is unsupported function but it will solve, issue.

onSave: function (context) {

if (!validate()) {
setTimeout(function () {
top.document.getElementById(‘globalquickcreate_save_button_NavBarGloablQuickCreate’).disabled = false;
top.document.getElementById(‘globalquickcreate_loading_bar_NavBarGloablQuickCreate’).style.visibility = ‘hidden’;
, 0);

validate() is used for check if any validation used before save form. Set time out used to make process bit delayed and fixed stuck of save and loading dots.

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