Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a unified platform that combines the power of CRM and Enterprise Management (ERP). It is a highly extendible office solution that is personalized for each business profile by DynamicsPal developers. We make you capable of administering your operations and customer interactions efficiently and accurately.

At DynamicsPal, we make the Dynamic 365 robust enough to handle:

  • Resource information
  • Billing support
  • Operation streamlining
  • Report generation
  • Admin controls at different levels

What are the powerful features of Dynamic 365 that make it a one-stop solution?

Dynamic 365 is not only a comprehensive solution but comes with the best features of an easy to use UI and a secure database.

Ease of editing records

With Dynamic 365, the records can be modified in a group if similar modifications are required. It saves you time and effort and ensures your work is accurate.

App Development

Dynamic 365 support development of App that can be then controlled in the Dynamics 365 solution itself. Each site has a dedicated navigation menu that can be designed in the Dynamic 365 solution no need to move to any third party too.

Operation Enhancements

Each task created in Dynamic 365 can be monitored very closely by status updates. Task building is easier with the drag and drop designer.

Customer Relationship maintenance

As a business intelligence tool, you can maintain customer relationship and make predictions on their purchase pattern with the AI support. The communication to clients can be automatically maintained via Dynamic 365.

Outlook Support

Dynamics 365 comes with CRM App for a direct support of email to the entire solution. The Outlook can pick up reports and all directly from the tool for mail.

Mobile OS compatibility

Dynamics 365 offers device flexibility with computer/laptop and Mobile support. It can excess the device camera and location feature also.

Extensive Search and Filter option

Looking for documents is easy with Dynamics 365. The shared as well as own documents can be easily searched.

Incorporated Learning tools

Dynamic 365 comes with a pop-up feature that prompts you on the usage of the solution. It saves you time and effort for going to search engine and look for support.

Dynamic 365 is a perfect tool to sell more in a smarter way as it helps you optimize your sale cycle with Artificial intelligence. It extends its support from being an operational management tool to better brand engagement and helps upscale the productivity. A well-connected and well-informed enterprise is bound to grow its revenues.

With Dynamics 365 you have deep visibility to the classified stats of sale and team performance making future decision making better and based on recorded information. Goal setting and achievement both become easier.

Dynamics 365 makes sure you embrace the latest technologies in the easiest way to bring more productivity to you and the entire enterprise set up.