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5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics Can Improve Business Productivity

5 Ways Microsoft Dynamics Can Improve Business Productivity

To keep your business ahead of the competitors and stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to upgrade your techniques. All the customers need today is an end to end solution and value for the time and money they spend. You need to build a better relationship with your customers to keep your business growing and still managing everything single-handedly.

A correct solution for businesses leads to success, growth and fastest returns on investments made. A business CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics enables the businesses to analyze every aspect, take better business decisions, improve the relationship with customers and connect with all the components of a business like – people, systems, and the processes with ease.

Here are 5 different ways Microsoft Dynamics can improve your business like never before –

  1. A True Integrated System for Work Management

In this 21st century, businesses can not rely on isolated systems for work management. When a business grows, processes start becoming very complex. It is very difficult to manage the process flows through isolated systems like emails, a separate CRM for sales, customer relationship and marketing management, Spreadsheets for maintaining tasks and records, Inventory and accounting software.

Microsoft Dynamics provides one completely integrated system that empowers the businesses with an end to end solution for customer relationship management. Productivity gets increased by reduction of the time of switching between the isolated systems. Adoption time of a single system is lesser than many complex systems altogether. It increases the visibility across the organization which leads to faster results.

  1. Convert Your Business relationships into Sales contracts

Earlier, you needed to check emails and refresh inbox every minute to ensure no sales inquiry is missed out. Suppose you get a business inquiry email. To do some research on other systems and checking with your teams, you leave your system for half an hour. In the meanwhile, some more business inquiry emails come and you queue them up on your task list that you maintain on a spreadsheet and you forget. Till you reach them, someone else grabs the leads.

Sound similar? Microsoft dynamics provide a single interface for all communications with customers and create an automated task list. It also notifies the potential customers about the status of their request from time to time. It increases the transparency between the businesses and the customers. Thus, the chance of business conversations gets puffed up in no time with better customer satisfaction. Also, with this system, you can deliver personalized content to each and every inquiry. Intelligent data analytics provide seamless business insiders to help you take better decisions.

  1. Elevate your business growth

Microsoft Dynamics removes the complex customer onboarding processes to provide easy customer onboarding. The interactive help and documentation of the system align the sales behavior with the business best practices and interactive documentation and help. The smart dashboards of the system are very interactive, easy to query and understand for both employees and the customers.

Sales goals can be set, sales results can be monitored through the Microsoft Dynamics system. You can also provide timely response and feedback to your customers with the smart notification system. Deviations from your plan can ruin your relationship with your customers. This platform enables you to take corrective actions by analyzing the deviation through real-time analytic dashboards.

With Microsoft Dynamics you also can motivate your sellers engaging them fun contests, rewards through a unique gamified solution. It energizes the sales guys doing hard work to achieve their goals.

  1. Increased productivity of your employees

Microsoft Dynamics provides a one-stop solution for employee management as well. From hiring right candidate, employee onboarding, task management and every single thing help building a cultural and operational excellence into the organization. It enables collaborative recruitment processes that help you customize the entire hiring process. The integrated system helps the candidates understand the system better improving the candidate onboarding experience.

Hiring Managers can personalized hiring checklists, videos, and training after the joining of the employee. It offers the employees socialization opportunity with the organization, views the team details and reaches the team members easily.

Every step of the workflow can be connected together to increase the impact on employees engagement and productivity at the same time.

  1. Personalize your customer’s experience

Dynamics 365 gives the businesses an opportunity to grow faster building a personalized impact on the customers. Your personalized data, content, and insights will help in to build the trust of your customers. It also provides a platform to engage your buyers through the embedded systems with the social media. This helps in to nurture the relationships with your buyers.

Businesses can take on time feedbacks and provides on-time feedbacks to your customers easily. Keeping the feedbacks on the task list to take actions on them and notifying them about that is important. Through Microsoft Dynamics, this can be achieved easily. From the onboarding of the customers, notifications and updates of the services on time and feedback sharing become very easy. This improves the customer experience altogether, thus enhance the growth of the businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics is a communicative, interactive and collaborative CRM solution, that keeps everything related to a business updated and on the same page, improving the business productivity and experience.